Omakau Wastewater Dye Testing


19 November 2018

​​UPDATE: This testing has been put on hold due to the adverse weather conditions. Once the weather clears and the river settles this will be rescheduled.​

13 November 2018

Residents should not be concerned if they see bright red water in the Manuherikia River on 20 November.

The Central Otago District Council (CODC) will undertake dye testing at the Omakau Wastewater Treatment Plant on Tuesday 20 November.

Treated wastewater from the Omakau wastewater treatment plant is discharged to the Manuherikia River through an outlet diffuser. Council will be assessing how well this outlet is performing as part of the resource consent to discharge into the river.

Non-toxic tracer dye will be discharged at different dilutions at a controlled rate and measurements will be recorded, through the use of a drone, in order to identify the behaviour and effectiveness of the outlet.

Testing will be carried out on Tuesday 20 November, weather dependent, with bright red dye that shows up well on the recording. This is a routine and safe testing method, and is non-toxic so will have no effect on the flora and fauna or the environment surrounding the river.

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