Proposed Dog Control Bylaw and Policy open for feedback


​6 June 2020

Central Otago District Council is required by law to have a policy in respect of the dogs in the district. This policy has historically been supported by a bylaw to enable enforcement activity to occur and these two documents are up for review. The policy and bylaw aim to recognise the community and health benefits of dog ownership while addressing public safety concerns and legal requirements. As it is often difficult to find a good balance, we want to check and see if we’ve got it right.

Council is proposing several changes to the existing policy and bylaw, which seek to make dog control easier to understand and recognise the importance of dogs to many people in Central Otago. Results from our informal 'Paws for Thought' pre-consultation in late 2019 have been used to inform the proposed changes which include:

  • Allowing for the establishment of fenced dog parks
  • Clarifying on and off leash areas for dogs, in addition to prohibited areas
  • Providing guidance on the rehoming of dogs and their welfare in emergencies
  • Allowing temporary exceptions to the policy and bylaw
  • Introducing an administration fee for processing refunds. 

Submissions close at 5pm, Monday 6 July 2020.

For full details, read the documents below before giving your feedback:

You can make your submission online at:
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