Scoop that poop

17 January 2018

Central Otago District Council has launched a campaign urging dog owners to do the right thing and pick up after their dog.

Acting CODC Chief Executive Louise van der Voort said Council had noted a growing concern about the problem.

"Some residents are totally fed up, which resulted in one customer gifting us a parcel of poop at the front reception in Alexandra last week."

In response Council has increased its promotional efforts with its latest anti-fouling campaign.

This kicked off with promotions on social media and in Council's weekly Noticeboard last week and followed up with a more targeted text this week, and an attention-grabbing 'Fess up Pooch' Facebook banner this week.

On Monday a text was sent to nearly 2000 dog owners that said: Central Otago dog owners. Residents are grumpy about dog poo littering our towns. Not your dog? OK, but please ALWAYS pick up after your dog. Failure to do so = $300 fine. We love dogs, we hate seeing dog poo. From the CODC team

This resulted in a range of responses from "Yay, good text. I totally agree" to a few that may need to be censored to print!

Ms van der Voort made a few follow up phone calls as some customers were not happy with the direct approach, but the general agreement was that it is the dog owner's responsibility to clean up after their dog.

"The consensus is it's disgusting and that dog poop seems to be a bigger problem this summer, so we are undertaking a campaign to encourage dog owners to do the right thing. The majority of dog owners get it but, as is often the case, a few are spoiling it for many.

"We are reminding people that if they can't clean up their act (and their dog's business) then they leave Council no option but to issue fines. If your dog is witnessed pooping and you don't pick it up, expect an infringement fine through the post. No ifs, no buts."

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