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19 March 2014

Wool Away - A history of Sheep and Stations in Central Otago 
In association with 'Cover Up by Touch Yarns

The Central Otago District Council is pleased to be able to give Central Otago a taste of the Eden Hore Collection for a six-week period beginning 21 March to 4 May 2014 at Central Stories.

Central Stories is running an exhibition that showcases the sheep and wool industry of Central Otago, past and present.

The exhibition aims to highlight Central Otago as pioneers of the sheep industry in New Zealand.  This exhibition showcases businesses in Central Otago that emphasise how important the industry is to the current Central Otago economy, the variety of businesses and companies that rely on sheep and stations in Central, and how well we adapt to take advantage of opportunities.  The sheep industry in Central Otago is recognised worldwide as some of the country's earliest stations were established in Central Otago.

As part of this exhibition, objects and photos from several stations around Central Otago are being showcased as well as a series of hand crafted rugs, wraps, ponchos and baskets featuring hand-dyed yarns and natural fibres designed by local designer Marnie Kelly.

The Central Otago District Council sees this as a great opportunity to showcase a few earlier pieces from the Eden Hore Collection purchased on behalf of the community last year. 

Eden Hore was a high country farmer in Naseby who was fascinated in the transformation of the raw product such as wool, produced on the land, to these beautiful fabrics and garments. This collection was born from Eden's fascination and is a great example of how one Central Otago High country station man's interest helped to pioneer the fashion industry for New Zealand.

Hand-spun, hand-woven, hand-dyed and handmade dresses within the collection highlight the crafts involved in turning New Zealand wool into elaborate evening gowns and high fashion.

This ties in beautifully with this exhibition as the woollen garments from this collection showcase the opportunities that were born from the hard work of our high country farmers.

The garments that are being displayed are some of the first pieces that Eden collected. They are all made from wool that has been hand-spun.  The designers are all New Zealand designers; Beverley Horne, June Mercer and Pauline Kingston.

These garments are being displayed in a fully controlled environment within Central Stories and have been handled with care and expertise by General Manager Rachel Welfare.

"Central Stories is equipped to display textiles as we have the correct temperature, lighting and dust levels to be able to do this.  These garments are fragile so care has been taken to provide the appropriate setting for the display," said Miss Welfare.

CODC encourages the community to attend this fabulous exhibition showcasing our sheep industry within Central Otago.

"Council sees the inclusion of the woollen Eden Hore garments as a great way to give the community a taste of the collection, within a controlled environment, while adding value to the amazing Wool Away exhibition," said Central Otago Mayor Tony Lepper.

Garments from the Wool On collection are also to be displayed, which gives continuity to the earlier woollen garments from the Eden Hore collection.


Caption Info:

Dresses pictured above (from top):

Handspun and handwoven Romney hogget fleece teal cape covered in mohair fleece and peacock feathers. Handspun and handwoven by Beverley Home c. 1972.

Full length corriedale wool raspberry dress. Handspun and handwoven by Beverley Home c. 1972.

Full length, handspun, hand crocheted merino wool dress. Designed and made by June Mercer.

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Crocheted tube style scarf. Designed and made by June Mercer.


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