Bin Latch Pilot

23 October 2017

Have you experienced your recycling bin tipping over on a windy day and spilling its contents? If you answered yes then Council wants YOU to participate in its 2017 Bin Latch Pilot Programme.

Council has purchased 1500 kerbside bin lid latches for a pilot programme to run over the summer aiming to reduce spilt and windblown litter.  The pilot aims to find out whether it would be a worthwhile exercise to supply and get the contractor to fit the latches to the entire district. That exercise would come at a cost equivalent to about $2.50 per ratepayer on the Council kerbside collection scheme.

On windy days the light weight design of our recycling wheelie bins, combined with the fact the material in the mixed recycling bin is much lighter than the rubbish bin (10kg on average compared to 21kg), contribute to bins being blown over and material spilling into the surrounding environment.

Another contributing factor can be that some households overfill their yellow-lidded mixed recycling bin. If bin lids aren't fully closed it increases the risk of the wind lifting the bin lid and loose lightweight recyclable material being blown out by the wind.

Councillor Nigel McKinlay, Chair of the Waste and Property Committee said not many incidents of windblown material were officially reported to Council but on about four kerbside collection days per annum staff received calls about the issue, with Ranfurly and Cromwell the locations that seemed to be most affected.

"While our contractor is required to pick up material spills that occur on emptying of bins, they aren't employed to collect windblown material from the wider surrounding area. So when the wind is up through parts of our district it is either picked up by thoughtful local residents or left to litter our environment," said Councillor McKinlay.

But now there is a nifty little New Zealand designed invention that could be the answer to reducing litter issues.

The new product was launched at the annual waste industry conference last November. The rubber latch is designed to keep the lid closed until the bin is collected by the contractor. It has a 'tip action' mechanism  that releases the lid  of the bin when the bin is turned upside-down to empty.

If you want to take part in Council's pilot programme here's what to do:

  • Head in to your local service centre or library in Ranfurly, Cromwell, Alexandra or Roxburgh.
  • Register your contact details with one of our staff as we'll want you to complete a short survey at the start and finish of the three-month trial period.
  • Pick up your free bin lid latch to take home and attach to your mixed (yellow lid) recycling bin.
  • You'll find wheelie bins in reception "modelling" the latches and we've even made a "How To" video to show you how to attach the latch and how it works. You'll find that on our website and Facebook pages.
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