CODC Property File Digitisation has begun


​​​​​​22 November 2019

Central Otago District Council (CODC) has begun the process of digitising its property files and is now inviting the public to submit requests to get their property files digitised.

CODC Information Services Manager Nathan McLeod said council had done a "soft launch" of the process, including a Property File Digitisation Request form on the council website and promoted via the customer services team when dealing with customers. To date more than 400 files had already been digitised mostly from customer requests.

"Our next step is letting the public and particularly real estate agents know, but some have already cottoned on to this due to word of mouth promotion via our frontline staff."

The project to digitise property files is part of a wider three-year programme to digitise Council records, improving the management and accessibility of information for both staff and the public.

Property files are generally held at Council offices and service centres in paper form and can be viewed there. Those considering purchasing a property can request a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report on their property and this process has been largely manual involving copying or scanning property files.

Now, those wishing to receive their property file digitally can request this.

The types of information that may be on a property file include building permits and consents, drainage plans, plans and specifications, Code Compliance Certificates, planning reports, Resource Consent decisions and associated documents.

Council is conducting a programme of planned digitisation – working first through files stored in Alexandra, with property files stored in Cromwell, Roxburgh and Ranfurly to follow. Requests made from the public will be prioritised ahead of this planned work with turnaround times for these requests ranging from 5 to 10 days. The turnaround times are dependent on demand and where the files are located.

"In the future we plan to have this public information accessible for our customers 24/7 on Council's website and via our geographic information system (GIS) platform. Digitising these files is the first step on that longer digital journey to improve our online services," said Mr McLeod.


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