Feedback called for on sustainable energy proposal


16 September 2013

​The community is being asked to give feedback on the Vincent Community Board (VCB) proposal to contribute up to $1.5 million to achieve a co-located ice rink and aquatic centre in order to use the waste heat from the rink to heat the pools.

IceInLine proposes to fully cover in its facility to enable an extended operating season and ensure good quality ice, and to develop spectator seating and install modern plant in addition to other enhancements. The estimated cost of the redevelopment is in excess of $3 million, to be raised by IceInLine.

Given the significance of the investment by the club, the club and VCB would like to take the opportunity to also consider rebuilding the ice rink beside the Molyneux Aquatic Centre.

This would provide the opportunity to integrate the aquatic centre heating plant and ice rink plant to capture waste heat expelled from the ice production process to heat the pools. The estimated cost to achieve this is up to $1.5 million over and above the $3 million IceInLine project.

The VCB proposes to be one of the funders to IceInLine for development of a new ice rink facility beside the aquatic centre, its contribution being up to $1.5 million.

It is proposed the contribution be funded by a loan with the value of the energy savings of a joint plant being used to repay the loan, the intent being that the proposal will be rates neutral. Upon the loan being repaid the savings would be freed up for the benefit of the community.

Alternate options to consider are to retain the status quo; investigate further the feasibility of transferring excess heat to the pool from the current ice rink site; and explore further an alternative heating source for the pool that would be more efficient than the current heat pumps and booster heating elements.

Submissions can be made by post, email, or dropped in to a Council service centre, or you can make a submission online visit our consultation portal.

From our consultation portal you can download the Statement of Proposal that provides more detail on the proposal, or you can pick up a hard copy and official submission form from any Council service centre. Copies may also be obtained via email – please contact
Submissions must be received no later than 5pm, 16 October 2013.

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