Official Information - LGOIMA Requests


Central Otago District Council promotes openness and transparency of the information it holds, to the communities and public it serves. To this end a large amount of information associated with the dealings and activities of Council, is available on its website. 

All requests for information are governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) and the Privacy Act 1993. These aim to balance issues of transparency and public interest with limits on the disclosure of personal information.

How do you make a request?

  • Use our LGOIMA Request form
  • Email us at with the subject of LGOIMA Request
  • Phone our Customer Service Centre: 03 440 0056
  • Post your request to: ​ LGOIMA Request, Attention: Documents and Records Analyst, Central Otago District Council, PO Box 122, Alexandra 9340
  • Ask in person at any of our Service Centres, Cromwell, Roxburgh, Maniototo or the main office in Alexandra

Requests for official information may be written or verbal. The request for information should be as specific as possible. This will enable us to find your information in a timely manner.

How long will it take to process my request?

We will acknowledge your request and you will receive the information within 20 working days. The information will be delivered to the return address you have indicated on your request.

However, if the request is for a large quantity of information, requires a search through a large volume of information, or requires us to consult with other parties; this may impact our ability to deliver the information within the 20 working days. If this is the case, we will work with you and keep you well informed on the progress.

How much will it cost?

Official Information Request time spent by staff searching for relevant material, abstracting, collating, copying an​d transcribing where the total time involved is in excess of one hour should be charged out as follows after the first hour.

This is at the discretion of Council and will be discussed at the time of engagement.

First hourNo Charge
Initial charge for the first chargeable half hour or part thereof$38.00
For additional half hour or part thereof$38.00

All charges will need to be paid before you receive the information you have requested. All charges incurred will be fixed so to recover the actual costs involved, including:

  • Photocopying – the first 20 pages are free; every A4 page thereafter will be charged at $0.20
  • Producing a document by computer or similar equipment
  • Reproducing a photograph, film, video or audio recording
  • Viewing or hearing a visual or audio recording
  • Providing a copy of any map, plan or other document larger than A4
  • Retrieval of information offsite or any situation where a direct charge is incurred in providing the information

A charge may be modified or waived at the discretion of a Chief Financial Officer if payment might cause financial hardship, or where the information serves to facilitate good relations with the public or assist public organisations in their work.​

Urgent Requests

If your request is urgent please ensure you state this and give the reason. 

When information is likely to be withheld

The principle of the Act is that information should be made available unless there are good reasons for withholding it. Information may be withheld if it would:

  • endanger the safety of any person
  • prejudice maintenance of the law
  • compromise the privacy of any person
  • disclose confidential or commercially sensitive information
  • cause serious offence to tikanga Maori or would disclose the location of waahi tapu
  • prejudice public health or safety
  • compromise legal professional privilege
  • disadvantage Council while carrying out negotiations or commercial activities
  • allow information to be used for improper gain or advantage.


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