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Cromwell Masterplan Spatial Framework

5 December 2019:

24 October 2019:

7 June 2019: Cromwell Masterplan Spatial Framework released

​The Cromwell Community Board has adopted Stage 1 of the Cromwell 'Eye to the Future' Masterplan (the Masterplan).

Stage 1 is the Spatial Plan that provides a coordinated approach to growth management for Cromwell over the next 30 years.

The framework reflects the community's preferred option of growth focused within Cromwell and includes residential zones at a number of densities, increased housing options and amenity through more intensified development within the walkable distance from the town centre, design guidelines for subdivision and residential development, provisions to support greenway retention and development and increased industrial opportunities. ​​

These initiatives will be delivered through a series of changes to the Central Otago District Plan. The community will once again have an opportunity to submit to any or all of the plan changes.

The next stages of the Masterplan are the Town Centre Precinct and the Arts and Culture Precinct, which include a number of significant capital projects. Before the Community Board can consider adopting the next stages further financial modelling of options is required to understand affordability, timing and funding options. The community will have an opportunity to have a say on funding options and how their rates will be impacted through the Long Term Plan process.​​

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​Cromwell Masterplan Updates ​

3 May 2019:Financial impact of options to be explored for the Masterplan

The Cromwell Community Board has agreed for Council staff to prepare comprehensive financial analyses on options within the Cromwell Masterplan prior to the document being signed off and released to the public.

Through the options phase of the consultation process for the Cromwell Eye to the Future Masterplan the Cromwell community overwhelmingly expressed their desire for an ambitious programme of work to deliver on the future needs of their town. While the Community Board is committed to deliver on that community vision, the cost of doing so is significant. Detailed analysis is required to understand funding options and any potential impact on rates. When this robust analysis is complete, community views will be sought through an amendment to the Long Term Plan.

Council staff will develop detailed costings for each scenario and the Board will review these to understand their cost impact on rates, both within the Cromwell Ward as well as the wider district.  These costings, and proposed scale and timings, for each project will be presented alongside the recommended masterplan outcomes in the Long Term Plan amendment process. 

"It is important that we take the time now to ensure we adopt a Cromwell Masterplan that can be delivered – that means delivering on the community's vision for itself in a financially responsible way," said Central Otago District Council Chief Executive Sanchia Jacobs. "We therefore want to develop rigorous options that will allow the community to engage on timing, funding and scale of the projects. This is a once in a generation opportunity to do this right."

Cromwell Community Board Chair Neil Gillespie said there was no point signing the masterplan off if the Board didn't have all the information needed for a complete picture.

"We had hoped to be signing off a masterplan for the Cromwell region at our meeting this week.  However, when you look at the complexity of how these projects will need to be funded, a lot of work needs to go in to developing financial information that gives us a clear picture of our options and their implications on the Cromwell community. The Board agrees that it would be poor governance if we were to start discussing progression of any single project before that work is done and the Cromwell Masterplan is adopted."

Council staff will be updating the Cromwell Community Board on progress at its next meeting on 29 May 2019.

26 March 2019: The Cromwell community will get its next opportunity to engage on the funding of the Cromwell Masterplan towards the middle of the year.

Since the release of the Let's Talk Options community feedback analysis in December last year, Council staff and consultants working have been working to develop a spatial framework for Cromwell and a business case for the Masterplan programme.

The spatial plans set out the direction for the next 30 years including how and where to accommodate growth,  how to address the town centre and the Arts and Cultural Heritage Precinct as consulted on in the Let's Talk Options engagement document.

CODC Executive Manager - Planning and Environment Louise van der Voort said there is a lot more work to do before the Masterplan could be presented to the Cromwell Community Board for adoption.

"The Masterplan team is currently working on the financials, including the costs of the various projects and how these will be funded. We need this information before the Board can make an informed decision on whether or not to adopt the masterplan."

Ms van der Voort said following the Board's decision the community would again be invited to share its thoughts.

"We'll be asking the community to have its say on whether we proceed, how we pay for it and whether it will impact on rates."

Cromwell Community Board Chair Neil Gillespie said he hoped the great levels of community engagement in the Masterplan process to date would continue.

"We are getting to the business end of the programme. The community has told us what they would like us to do and soon it will be time for them to tell us how they believe we should fund it, the timeframe for making it happen and whether their rates help pay for it."

The next report to the Cromwell Community Board will be for the adoption of the masterplan and approval to consult with the community on an amendment to the Long Term Plan (needed to accommodate the Cromwell Masterplan work programme not currently included in Council's 10-Year Plan 2018-28 budgets). 

Ms van der Voort said the aim was to present the Masterplan report to the Cromwell Community Board on 30​ April.

​​​​​​​​​​Thanks for your Feedback!

Take a look at our Masterplan Options Survey Analysis report to see what the community thought of the options presented in the Let's Talk Options engagement document.

The engagement document Let's Talk Options

The engagement document Let's Talk Option summarised the Masterplan options that were developed by the Masterplan Team.

The feedback and analysis gathered to date has focused the Masterplan on three work streams: managing growth, improving the town centre and civic facilities, and resolving the future of the Memorial Hall and Heritage Precinct.​

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