Alexandra Airport

Airfield Description

​​The Alexandra Airport is situated on 80 hectares of land on an elevated plateau on the outskirts of Alexandra.

The airport is owned by Council and is a small regional airport which has been predominantly used by general aviation traffic generated by the Central Otago Flying Club and horticultural activities such as crop dusting in the past. 

The existing airfield consists of the following main facilities:

  • Runway 14-32, a 1,200m long by 30m wide runway with a chip seal surfacing, designation;
  • a grassed runway running parallel to the sealed runway;
  • a small terminal building combined with the Central Otago Flying Club function room;
  • fuelling facilities for light aircraft;
  • an apron with a taxi link to the sealed runway;
  • a Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) located off site at a distance of approximately 9km from the airport. Additionally from 14 September 2017 a new GNSS Instrument Flight procedures navigation aid will be operational.

A $5 landing fee applies, which can be paid in box at the terminal.​

Future Development

There has been increased interest in the airport and the first stage of a development plan has been completed, being the construction of a private hangar and hangar/accommodation precinct.

The development plan will also consider the feasibility of the following:

  • Additional private hangar and hangar/accommodation precincts
  • Large commercial hangars
  • Tourism operators
  • Helicopter hangar precinct
  • Flight School and associated accommodation
  • Plane maintenance
  • Jet parking

Due to continued interest resulting in a large waiting list the next stage of development is expected to be an additional private hangar/ hangar and accommodation precinct with minimum 20 sites on other side of the runway. Council staff are currently investigating access and services options. 


Current Private Hangar and Hangar/Accommodation precinct

There are currently 28 leased private hanger or hangar/accommodation sites in the private precinct. The lease term is 49 years and lessees are required to own an aircraft. 


Power and water services have been upgraded in the current hangar precinct with reticulation to all sites and 1000m of sealed taxiways have been constructed, 300m of which have been constructed since above aerial shot was taken.

A site layout plan of the precinct is shown below.​

The 28 hangar or hangar/accommodation lease sites include:

  • 9 existing hangars
  • 1 existing hangar to be utilised for plane/helicopter servicing
  • 7 existing hangars with accommodation attached
  • 4 future hangar only sites in building planning stages to be completed by approx end of 2020
  • 7 future hangar/accommodation sites in building planning stages to be completed by approx end of 2020.

There are two further sites 35/36 which may be developed in the future.​

For further information or interest in hangar sites please contact:
Tara Bates
Property and Facilities Officer
Central Otago District Council
03 440 0623​

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