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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Clyde's Wastewater Upgrade

Work is underway taking measurements and assessing ground levels as part of a major project to upgrade Clyde's wastewater system.

A new reticulated wastewater system will replace Clyde's existing system which relies on septic tanks and disposal fields. The upgraded system will meet environmental and resource consent requirements, significantly improving the quality of Clyde's urban wastewater discharges.

Importantly, it will provide the Clyde community with an environmentally safe wastewater system that will bring significant environmental, health and well-being benefits for decades to come.

The project is being completed in three stages. The first stage is the installation of the new reticulated system in the central Clyde area in 2020-21, while two further stages which cover the remainder of the town are scheduled for 2028-33 and 2038-43.

Physical construction works to install the new wastewater system in the central Clyde area are scheduled to begin in autumn 2020 and be completed in 2021.

If you live or work in Clyde, you'll likely see contractors out and about doing some preparation work in central Clyde over the coming months. They may need to visit your household or business if it is in the central Clyde area. 

The exact perimeters of the Stage 1 area are being finalised as the last few design details of the reticulation system are worked through. Once that work is completed, the Council will communicate directly with all households, businesses and property owners in the Stage 1 area.

The total estimated cost of stage 1 is $13.6 million, which includes installing a wastewater pipeline, a pump station and the new reticulated wastewater system for central Clyde. The estimated cost of installing the new reticulated wastewater system in the central Clyde area (Stage 1) and the preparatory design work for Stages 2 and 3 is $6.0 million.

Construction of the wastewater pipeline that will carry Clyde's wastewater from the town's new reticulated wastewater system to the Alexandra wastewater treatment station is close to completion.

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We'll be communicating directly with Clyde householders and business owners whose properties are in the Stage 1 (central Clyde) area over the coming months.

If you missed our ​Clyde Wastewater Drop-ins in October and November below is the information we had on display boards.

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